Paid Traffic Versus Free Traffic: Which Is Better?

Paid Traffic Versus Free Traffic: Which Is Better?

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When it comes to driving visitors to your website, you basically have two options: organic (free) methods or paid methods, such as a PPC campaign. Outside of the obvious cost factor, which one is best for you to focus your internet marketing efforts on? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each.
Organic SEO
Free traffic comes from the ways that you optimize your website naturally. This includes such things as updating the pages regularly, using keywords often, tagging your content, using H1 headlines, adding page titles, building inbound and outbound links, and creating optimized permalinks.
The beauty of organic SEO is that it costs nothing more than your time. You have to put in the effort, and keep on top of changing optimization methodology, in order to see results. However, driving traffic to your site organically also requires time before you reap the benefits. Search engines spiders will find your pages and get them indexed so they show up for relevant searches, but you can count on it being several months before you see a big increase in visitors.
The upside? Organic SEO tends to last a long time, so the effort you put in today could last long past tomorrow.
Paid Traffic
If you really want to ramp up your internet marketing, you will want to pay for traffic to your site. There are several ways to do this, including banner advertising, PPC campaigns, social media advertising, affiliate marketing programs, paid directory listings, sponsorships, paid reviews and press release syndication.
Paying to drive traffic to your site is the quickest way to get your website noticed. If you have allocated a budget for advertising, then using one or more of these paid methods of SEO will give your online business a real jump start. Be careful, however, as some methods such as PPC campaigns and social media ads can quickly overrun your budget, depending on which keywords you choose to bid on.
Always do your research before starting any type of paid advertising campaign. Know who you want to reach and how best to reach them before you get started. And always, always analyze your results monthly to determine what worked and what didn't.
For most online business owners, a combination of free and paid traffic is most effective. Start by ensuring that your website is completely optimized, then switch to a paid campaign to drive maximum traffic. After a couple months, you may be able to quit paying for advertising and reap the benefits of organic SEO.
It really all comes down to how much money you've got to spend - and how quickly you want to make more!

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