Different Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Different Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Website

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Search Traffic
Search traffic refers to web traffic generated by being visible on search engines. Over a billion people use search engines every day to find what they are looking for. It is often the first stop for anyone when they need to find something. If your website appears at the top of the first page of search results, around 50% of the users will click through to your website as measured by the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). The higher your website's search result ranking, the higher its clicking through rate and the more traffic you will generate from search engines. This type of traffic is completely free and is less volatile than the other types of traffic so it is worth investing some time and effort in good search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize the search traffic.
Referral Traffic
Referral traffic refers to web traffic generated by links placed on other websites, usually partners' websites or affiliates' websites. Usually other websites will want something in return for placing your link. This could be a free service you provide them or a reciprocal link. Compared to search traffic, referral traffic is less reliable because it depends on the volume of traffic the referral website receives, the visibility of your link and when your link might be removed. It is very unlikely to generate any meaningful traffic from a single referral website so this strategy will involve securing links on as many external websites as possible. This could be an arduous and time consuming task. However, successful websites could see 20 - 30% of total traffic generated by referral traffic so the strategy definitely works.
Paid Traffic
Paid traffic refers to traffic generated as a result of paid marketing or promotional campaigns. This could be an online advertising campaign using textual display advertising or traditional offline advertising channels. This strategy can produce instant results but is very expensive in the long-run. Most online businesses do not have the profitability to sustain this type of strategy in the long-run.
The best online strategy is to maximize user base growth is to explore all possible sources of web traffic and have a balanced approach. For most successful online businesses, search traffic can make up 25 - 30% of the total traffic so it is a very significant source of traffic. Therefore for anyone looking to build a strong online presence, they must ensure they can be found on search engines.
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