Four Ways to Improve Traffic for Your Website for Free

Four Ways to Improve Traffic for Your Website for Free

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There are many websites that do not succeed due to insufficient traffic. You won't experience the same fate if you know how to use the right methods to improve your online presence. But before spending hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money on promoting your website, you have to remember that there are a lot of cost-effective methods to advertise your site and increase traffic without any charge! The following are the 4 most effective ways of generating traffic for your website for free:
1. Search Engine Optimization
You have to know how SEO works if you aim to be ranked number one on various search engines. First, always include your primary keywords in the title of your web page, in your sub-header, and within your article's body. This structure is really crucial since search engines consider the primary keywords as the most relevant. When a web page is indexed by a search engine, the keywords are the ones that tell about what the website page is and the search queries that the webpage have to respond to.
Second, you should put a link on your webpage that leads to other pages of your site to increase your visibility in different search engines. It adds to the link popularity score of your webpage which has a significant impact on your search engine ranking. Plus, it becomes very helpful for the visitors to easily navigate your site.
Third, including your keywords in your anchor text also has very vital SEO benefits. This tells the search engines what your link is all about which boosts the chances that your page will be categorized for the keywords that you used in your anchor link.
Lastly, the performance and speed of your website is very essential to the users. If your website is very slow, you may lose visitors and your prospects. Also, search engines such as Google takes into consideration the speed of a website in search rankings. An image with a big file size affects the load speed of your site. So make the file size of your pictures small without compromising its quality. Before uploading a photo, choose your keyword as its filename because it also helps to have higher rankings in the search engines.
2. Twitter
You can use Twitter as an effective marketing tool to improve traffic to your site. Find the ones who tweet about your market by using the Twitter search engine and then follow them. But it doesn't end there. You need to establish relationships with your prospective customer base. Engage in personal conversations by commenting on tweets, asking questions, replying to them and re-tweeting them. By interacting with them, your target market will notice you and will be interested to know who you are.
To promote your site, you can tweet teasers about an interesting topic that can be found on your website followed by a link to your webpage for them to learn more information.
3. Social Networking Sites
Post teasers of your website's articles to your status updates then put a link to your website to persuade your friends to check out the entire article. You can also post special deals, discounts and original tips that they can only find in your site. This is a powerful way of increasing your online visibility. Also, establishing links with social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn can enhance traffic to your website. It can also help to increase your subscribers, readers and followers.
Interact with your friends and subscribers by asking questions and encouraging them to share their ideas or opinions. You can also run contests so people will always check your page, increase your exposure and convince others to subscribe to you or be a member of your page. You can post a photo of your product and have your subscribers tag themselves in different parts of the photo for them to have a chance to win the product they tagged. You can also ask subscribers to send their pictures together with your products. In addition, you may run a Scavenger Hunt contest to urge people to further check your product or website. For instance, you can give a track of clues that can lead from your FB page into your website.
4. YouTube
With YouTube as the world's 2nd biggest search engine today, it can be a great help in improving traffic to your site for free. Create your own Youtube channel. Then, make a video of each article found on your website. It can be a word or a graphic slide show or a person talking. You can also make informative and entertaining videos regarding your products that demonstrate how to use them or the special features that they can take advantage of. Make sure to put your keywords in your video's title. Remember that each video you post on Youtube may be tagged and indexed. This can help your product's name to appear in searches for keywords that are connected to your market.
You can also embed your video on your site. You can either embed the entire video or divide your video into two parts and then put the first part on Youtube together with a link to your webpage where the second part can be found. This helps you to build new web pages, enhance your content, and increase your video views. Aside from that, embedding the videos to your website can help them to rank higher in YouTube's video search.
Together with creative planning and careful execution, these 4 methods can establish and boost your presence on the Internet to improve traffic on your site for free.
Don't miss out on using these useful and simple Internet marketing strategies to be successful online.

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